2017 Australian Open Announces Seed List-Fener has missed the top eight Zhang Shuai ranked 20_1

The 2017 Australian Open seed list: Fener has missed the top eight Zhang Shuai ranked 20th
Beijing time, January 12th news, 2017 Australian Open Grand Slam event is about to start, and the Australian Open today officially announced the list of seed players, Murray and Kobel, the two world leader lists, and China’s Jinhua Zhang Shuai becameThe 20th seed of women’s singles is expected to be signed.  The Australian Open officially lists 32 seed players for men’s singles and women’s singles, among which the top 8 seed players for men’s singles are Murray, Djokovic, Raonic, Warinka, Nishikori, Memphis.Djols, Cilic and Tim, Djo is the defending champion, and Murray is the first in the world of Xinke. If Djoy successfully defends the Australian Open this year, Murray is out before the semi-finals, and the Serbian king will regain the world first.  A year ago, the Australian Open Grand Slam, Federer was still the No. 3 seed, Nadal was the No. 5 seed, and in this year’s Australian Open, Nadal and Federer were ranked No. 9 and No. 17, respectively, which meanswhat?The answer is that the two heavenly kings are expected to stage Feiner in the third round.  In women’s singles, the top eight seed players are Kobel, Serena, Radwanska, Halep, Pliskova, Tsibulkova, Muguruza, Kuznetsova, andAt the Australian Open a year ago, Xiaowei was the top seed in the women’s singles, and Kobel was only the No. 7 seed. Now Kobel ranks first in the world and is the defending champion of the Australian Open. Can she meet with Xiaowei again to the finals?Worth looking forward to.  China’s Jinhua Zhang Shuai became the 20th seed in the women’s singles. She is also the only Chinese player who has qualified for the seed, creating the best seed ranking for her personal Grand Slam.Last year at the Australian Open, Zhang Shuai created a dark horse miracle and made it through to the quarterfinals. She was able to perform steadily in 2016. She finally ranked 20th in the Australian Open.  In addition, Berdych became the No. 10 seed for men’s singles, No. 15 seed for Kjegaus, veteran Ferrer became the No. 21 seed, and Dawei ranked No. 13 seed, Wozniacki became the No. 1 women’s singles.No. 17 seed.The 2017 Australian Open will be antiques in Melbourne, Australia from January 16 to 29, and tomorrow morning Beijing time at the Margaret Court Stadium antique draw ceremony, defending champions Djokovic and Kobel will appear with the championship trophy.