Four times bathing damage


Four times bathing damage

There are more places to pay attention to when bathing in four baths than women, and it is much worse if you take a bath in the usual less healthy habits.

Many cold Chinese medicine doctors reminded that when the cold water bath is too cold, it is easy to cause a cold and should be avoided.

Because of their special physiological reasons, especially during menstruation, lactation, and pregnancy, female friends encounter cold water stimulation, which may cause female endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and many bacteria will also enter the vagina and cause vaginitis and other gynecological diseases.Serious female pregnancy has a certain impact on physical health.

Cold stimuli can cause colds In this autumn, the cold water is less irritating to the human body. If you start cold bath exercise at this time, it is most suitable.

However, for those female friends with poor physical constitution, they should not bathe with cold water. Otherwise, the resistance would be poor. Because of the cold stimulation, it will cause colds, fever and other diseases.

Old Chinese medicine doctors especially reminded that because of the annual climate change in some regions, the annual flu should be prevented in advance, and cold showers should be taken early. It is not wise for female friends to take cold showers.

However, it is possible to wash your face with cold water for a long time, promote blood circulation, improve the prevention of colds, rhinitis, and even make the skin transparent rather than elastic.

In addition, the following four times are not suitable for bathing: 1, when the blood pressure is too low, it is not suitable to take a bath, because the water temperature is high during bathing, causing the blood vessels of the person to dilate. People with low blood pressure are prone to lack of blood supply to the brain and collapse.

2, after the move should not start taking a bath immediately, whether it is physical labor or mental work, you should take a break and then take a bath, otherwise it will easily cause the heart, lack of blood supply to the brain, and even fainting.

3, alcohol should not bathe alcohol after drinking will inhibit liver function activities, hinder the release of glycogen.

When taking a bath, the glucose consumption in the human body will increase.

Taking a bath after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness, severe hypoglycemic coma may occur.

4, after the meal should not take a bath after a full meal, the whole body skin blood vessels are stimulated by heat and expansion, the split blood flows to the body surface, the blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, it will affect digestion and absorption, causing hypoglycemia, even collapse, fainting.

It is recommended that you take a bath in 1-2 hours after a meal, not more than half an hour each time.

In addition, poor physical fitness and elderly children bathing is best chosen at noon, the temperature inside and outside the bathroom is closest in the day, so it is not easy to catch a cold.

Good sleeping posture for reproductive health


Good sleeping posture for reproductive health

In the past, we rarely deliberately pay attention to what is going on in our sleeping position?

Some people are lying on their backs, some are lying on their backs, some are lying on their side, others are leaning back and lying on their side. Some people say that different sleep postures have different effects on the male reproductive system. How does sleep really affect sexual function?

銆€銆€The answer is yes.

A prone position sleep mode that is easy to oppress the internal organs, resulting in poor breathing and a certain impact on the reproductive system.

Especially for those who are used to sleeping for a long time, prone will oppress the scrotum, which is not conducive to the scrotum heat dissipation, has an adverse effect on sperm production, and stimulates the penis, affecting blood circulation, and easily lead to residual fine.

銆€銆€Constant nocturnal emission will lead to dizziness, mental fatigue and other symptoms, affecting life and work.

In addition, the scrotum can only bring a constant temperature to bring the most favorable environment for sperm production.

The heat of the prone is not timely, so that the temperature of the scrotum is raised, which has a certain impact on the production of sperm. Some men who have not yet married are especially concerned.

銆€銆€Then you can’t sit on your back, lying on your side?

For example, lying on the right side, neither will oppress the heart, nor will it oppress the scrotum, it should be a good sleep posture.

But there will be an unexpected situation on the side, which is the reversal of the retinal pill.

銆€銆€The common retinal puncture condition occurs after intense exercise, but a small part of it occurs in the side sleep. When the male is sleeping on the side, the retinal pill and the penis are squeezed between the legs, and the pressure on the reproductive organs.It is bigger than when it is correct. Some people are not too honest when they go to sleep. They always move around and their legs are twisted and twisted. Accidents are easy to happen.

7th slimming soup made me lose 14 pounds


7th slimming soup made me lose 14 pounds

7th slimming soup, everyone should be familiar with it!

Some people even call it “the devil’s slimming method”, which is nothing more than the painful course of this French law.

But this method is really effective, as long as you can hold on.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍘熷浣撻噸 159cm 63kg銆€銆€灏忓織涔版潵澶х瓛鐖嗙背鑺卞拰鍙箰甯︽垜鐪嬬數褰便€侶e stared at the screen and said, “This is the last popcorn that I bought for you. Please eat with a grateful heart.

His voice just fell, and the cola in my mouth fell into the nose.

銆€銆€From the cinema, Xiao Zhisai gave me an A4 printing paper, and the ancestral secret recipe also wrote “Seven-day slimming soup.”

This buddy from the kindergarten to the third year of high school, eyes openly watching me from bean sprouts into a rice cooker, so he would like to see if I lose weight 10 kilograms, whether it will be like his favorite Xu Ruoxi.

銆€銆€On the first day, 159cm should still get up at 63kg in the morning. When I throw clothes into the washing machine, I check the jeans pockets as usual. (Although the chance is very low, I still maintain this good habit), and there is a thing that feels a piece of banknotes.At first glance, it turned out to be a gift from Xiaozhi – the secret recipe for slimming soup on the 7th.

銆€銆€I am still idle, and there are just a few of my mother’s standing side dishes in the refrigerator. I prepared 6 small onions, cut into triangles, 6 tomatoes, 1 cabbage, 3 peppers, and a few celery.

Add the vegetables to the cubes, add a small amount of salt, cook for 10 minutes on high heat, and continue to cook with a small heat.

I waited until the vegetables were boiled and I suspected the edible nature of the pot.

銆€銆€On the fourth day, 159cm 61kg drink “slimming soup” on the fourth day, I really want to eat burgers and potato chips, but I can divide the weight of the two small squares. When I hesitate, I received a message from Xiaozhi: “Gourmet and beauty can’t be combined.”Got it.”
This is simply a locust in my stomach, sending such a fatal message when my willpower is weak.

銆€銆€I took out a large bowl of soup from the refrigerator. The vegetables were soft and tender. The color of the tomatoes had already been immersed in the soup and looked like borscht.

I drank the soup in one go and it tasted great!

Open the recipe for slimming soup that Xiaozhi gave me. Today, in addition to soup, you can also eat fruits, vegetables and milk. The amount of milk cannot exceed soup.

銆€銆€I felt that I felt depressed and some of my lower abdomen, standing on the scale carefully, it was equal to 60!

銆€銆€On the 5th day, 159cm 60kg nap to get up, open the refrigerator to find water, and surprisingly found that a can of slimming soup is actually two-thirds less!

I heard the sound of soup, and went into the living room to see, my mom sat on the sofa and watched the Korean drama while drinking my soup!

Seeing me come in, she praised: “Well, yes, drink more soup in the summer, beauty and weight loss!

“My mom is two centimeters shorter than me, and I am equal to my weight. It seems that we have to lose weight this summer!”

When she went to work in the afternoon, she took the remaining soup in the refrigerator with a vacuum flask, and comforted me again and again. She must go to the supermarket to help me fill the ingredients.

銆€銆€Day 6 159cm 58.

5kg today saw everyone discussing “seven-day slimming soup” on BBS. One netizen said that this is the weight loss method that Faye Wong highly recommends.

I also followed the post and said that today is the sixth day of my slimming soup, I can eat two steaks, haha!

In addition to drinking a soup, you need to drink plenty of water.

銆€銆€Compared with the first three days of drinking soup and eating fruit, the steak is really great. In order to over-fulfill the task in front of the food, I have to take my weight-loss supervisor – Xiaozhi.

Before going out, Xiaozhi helped me to cook a pot of slimming soup and dedicated it to the people who need it most, my mom.

銆€銆€On the 7th day, 159cm 58kg, drinking the 7th day of slimming soup, the weight dropped 6kg, the main part is the lower abdomen, and the chin seems to be a little more than the original.

At noon I ate some rice and vegetables, and I ate vegetables and fruits for dinner.

Completely converted from carnivores to food animals, I used to think that Baby Fat is quite cute. When I lost weight, I found out how important it is for girls!

銆€銆€The final result is 159 cm 56 kg. “You must remember within seven days: do not eat pasta, do not drink alcohol and other beverages, do not put oil in the dishes, use ‘slimming soup’ to hungry when hungry.

“I gave my mother the secret of the seven-day slimming soup as a person. I looked up and down my body and sat up with satisfaction. “Daughter, 63 kg and 56 kg really are two concepts. I have moved to a taller one!”

“My heart is dark, I am still performing this week’s recipe for the seventh day of slimming soup, and my weight continues to decline slowly.”

Who said that beauty is born, and it can be persisted. When I am as symmetrical as Xu Ruoxuan, Xiaozhi does not chase me!

Not everyone’s natural look, beautiful face.However, the day after tomorrow is more valuable. For the sake of beauty, everyone must persist!

The eight big acupuncture points of the breast enlargement


The eight big acupuncture points of the breast enlargement

Breast enhancement is actually very simple, as long as you are doing massage, the darkness will naturally be large.

Where is the massage?

Xiaobian today tells you about the acupuncture points of the Air Force that are effective for breast enhancement.

銆€銆€If you are looking for the right point, gradually block the point and block it, there will be numbness or acid, swelling and other feelings.

Use your own finger width without considering the basis of measuring the point, and immediately find the correct acupuncture point.


The width of the thumb is about 2 cm.


Index finger, middle finger, ring finger, three fingers width is about 5 cm.


The index finger to the little finger, the width of the four fingers is about 7 cm.

銆€銆€Acupressure 1.

Zhongfu, Zhongyu, and Lingtai points want to eliminate chest and back, mainly delaying 3 acupoints: Zhongfu, Zhongyu and Lingtai.

Massage every other day for 15 minutes to effectively eliminate upper body obesity.

銆€銆€Zhongfu Point: Under the upper clavicle, the upper arm forms a dimple with three angles.

銆€銆€Zhongyu point: about 10 cm on the navel.

銆€銆€Lingtai acupoint: a dimple at the posterior third thoracic spinous process.


Middle acupoint: the middle of the sternum, where the 4th and 5th ribs meet, the middle of the two nipples.

銆€銆€Massage method: Press down with your finger or knuckles and do a ring massage.

銆€銆€Other effects: improve chest tightness, chest tightness, wide chest and sputum, bronchial disorders.

銆€銆€Breast enhancement principle: breast enlargement, smooth breast.


Acupuncture points on the root of the milk: the lower edge, the upper and lower sides, the left and right sides of the fifth and sixth ribs are 10 cm each side (ie, the width of the three sides of the breast).

銆€銆€Massage method: Press down with your finger or knuckles and do a ring massage.
銆€銆€Other effects: improve milk secretion, bloating, chest pain, cough and asthma.

銆€銆€Breast enhancement principle: chest, smooth breast.


Acupuncture points: under the armpit, about 14 cm from the armpit (two-way width of four fingers).

銆€銆€Massage method: Press down with your finger or knuckles and do a ring massage.
銆€銆€Other effects: treatment of breast pain, intercostal neuralgia, hepatitis.

銆€銆€The principle of breast enhancement: slag detoxification, through the milk.


Acupoints at the end of the gate: at the inner end of the sixth intercostal space directly below the left and right nipples.

銆€銆€Massage method: Press down with your finger or knuckles and do a ring massage.
銆€銆€Other effects: treatment of breast pain, intercostal neuralgia, hepatitis.

銆€銆€The principle of breast enhancement: slag detoxification, through the milk.

Hollow position: The body is lying flat, in the center of the nipple.
銆€銆€Massage method: Make a ring massage with your fingers.

銆€銆€Other effects: improved cold feeling, menstrual conditioning.

銆€銆€The principle of breast enhancement: breast enhancement, making it firm.


Shen seal acupuncture points: on both sides of the chest, between the middle of the chest and the nipple, 5 cm from the middle of the chest (about 3 fingers width).

銆€銆€Massage method: Press down with your finger or knuckles and do a ring massage.
銆€銆€Other effects: insufficient breast milk secretion, high blood pressure, chest tightness and cough.


Shaoze acupuncture points: The small finger nails on the side of the root.

銆€銆€Massage method: use your finger to point or finger down to block, and do a ring massage.

銆€銆€Other effects: improve postpartum milk, mastitis, stroke coma.

銆€銆€Breast enhancement principle: breast enhancement, promote the smooth flow of the breast.

Beauty slimming tea homemade glow feminine


Beauty slimming tea homemade glow feminine

Lead: Most slimming teas have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. For some sports time MM, it is a better weight loss option.

Let’s teach you how to make some slimming teas that are good for your health.

Rose honey tea material: 5 roses, 1 packet of black tea, 1 spoonful of honey, a small piece of lemon, 500 ml of white water.

Practice: Boil the water and let the black tea brew for about 5-6 minutes; then put the rose in the black tea and stir it, continue to boil over low heat; then put honey and lemon slices to turn off the heat.

Efficacy: mild nature, adjustable blood, long-term has been helpful in blood circulation, promote metabolism, which helps to lose weight, fat, beauty and beauty.

Mung bean chrysanthemum tea material: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of green bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a small amount of honey.

Practice: Put the chrysanthemum into the water and boil it. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the green bean paste juice in the chrysanthemum water, then add the honey instead.

Efficacy: It can hydrolyze and detoxify the skin, tighten the role of large pores and acne.

Aloe black tea material: fresh aloe vera is about 20cm long and 1 segment, chrysanthemum, 1 packet of black tea, 1 spoon of honey.

Practice: aloe vera peeled as long as the inner layer of white meat, then put aloe vera and chrysanthemum together in water and boil over low heat, add black tea bag and honey.

Efficacy: Helps cell vitality, accelerates the decomposition of adults, and delays skin aging.

Run white snow milk black tea material: 100 grams of fresh milk, 1 gram of black tea, similar to salt.

Practice: first fry the black tea until the juice is thick, then add the boiled milk to it, and add salt to mix well.

Efficacy: Beauty and beauty, regular use can enhance the body, make the skin white and flexible.

Rencha material: unhulled hazelnut or unfinished white glutinous rice. Practice: Put the coix seed into the pot and fry it with a small fire (need to keep turning) until it is fragrant and not coke. Store it in a glass bottle after cold.

Take a half cup of fried coix seed and 6 cups of water into the pot and boil, then cook for 30 minutes on low heat and filter to accommodate.

Stick to it for a month to see the effect.

Efficacy: It can dilute dark spots and whiten skin!

Flavored green tea material: 1 small packet of green tea, 10 grapes, 2 pineapples, 1 teaspoon honey, 2 lemons: Put green tea in the cup, soak in boiling water for 7-8 minutes; squeeze the pineapple and grapes into juice;Pour green tea water, juice, honey and lemon into the cup and mix well.

Efficacy: It can promote skin metabolism, help blood circulation, renew aging cuticle, make skin smooth and tender.

Tomato rose drink material: tomato, cucumber, rose, lemon juice, honey, the right amount.

Practice: peel the tomato, wash the cucumber and mix the appropriate amount of fresh roses and evenly filter, add lemon juice, honey can be taken.

Efficacy: It can promote skin metabolism, reduce pigmentation, and make skin smooth and delicate.

The secret of not losing a hair, these dishes have a miraculous effect


The secret of not losing a hair, these dishes have a miraculous effect

These vegetables have hair loss and have a delicious bean sprouts material: 500 grams of soybean sprouts, salt, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and peanut oil.

Practice: peel the bean sprouts, remove the root hair, and wash.

Heat the pot, add peanut oil, heat the oil, pour the bean sprouts, stir-fry until half-cooked, add soy sauce, salt, ginger and water, continue to stir-fry, add sugar and then add to the pan.
Efficacy: Soybean sprouts are sweet and cold, containing protein, traces and higher vitamin C, carotene, minerals and other substances.

Bean sprouts contain carbohydrates that help to lose weight.

Therefore, the bean sprouts can improve the hair tissue and keep the hair fresh and bright.

Women who eat more bean sprouts can get the beauty effects of black hair, emollient and weight loss.

Shouwu walnut pig brain diet: 20 grams of Shouwu, 100 grams of pig brain, 20 grams of walnuts, seasoning appropriate amount: Shouwu clean, spare; pig brain clean, spare; walnut clean, spare;Add the appropriate amount of boiling water to the pot, and simmer for 20 minutes to remove the juice.

Then use the Shouwu juice to stew the walnut kernel and the pig brain, and finally add the right amount of seasoning to eat.

The pig brain can be cooked, and it is best to eat it once every other day, in order to play a better hair care effect.

In addition, long-term adherence can also be used to perform hair loss in vitro.

Polygonum multiflorum egg material: Polygonum multiflorum 60g, egg 2 practices: add the above materials to the water and cook.

After the eggs are cooked, remove the eggs and cook for about 5 minutes. Eat the egg and drink the soup.

Efficacy: For the blood deficiency and weakness caused by early whitening, excessive hair loss, premature aging is effective, the effect of “virtual supplement” is better.

Peanut clothing red jujube soup material: 100 grams of peanuts, 10 red dates, brown sugar right amount of practice: peanuts warm blisters, take peanuts and red dates into the pot, use peanut water, simmer for about half an hourAdd the right amount of brown sugar to serve.

Drink 3 times a day, drink soup and eat dates.

Efficacy: nourishing blood, including the hair growth of the weak, Ufa.

Home-made ingredients are used to match food poisons


Home-made ingredients are used to match food poisons

Many foods are nutritious under normal conditions, but under different combinations, they are likely to become toxic foods in “healthy” coats!

Here, so do the food poisoning, everyone should be careful!

. This is a tonic for women. It is a delicious nourishing product. It is a delicious nourishment for women. It is rich in protein and minerals.

However, there are many contraindications to the use of squid. For example, when adding squid soup, pork or pork liver is wrong. They produce harmful substances.

While the squid is cooked with melon, it is easy to cause dehydration. This delicious soup has been served on the table of most families, but I don’t know because the squid itself is rich in many trace elements, which will reduce the nutritional value of melon.Possible advanced body dehydration.

銆€銆€Tomato tomato pear lycopene, rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, contributes to the health of the human body.

The sweet and sour tomato can be made into a sauce, which is delicious.

But if you like to cook the tomato with the fish, then you are doing it wrong, because the release of copper from the vitamin C metabolized fish in the tomato inhibits.

The elderly produce residual acid substances that can stimulate the gastric mucosa to form non-digestible, and are prone to abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Tofu tofu is a traditional Chinese speciality that has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

However, in the process of using tofu, if you do not pay more attention, it is likely to become “fatal food”!

If you used to think that tofu is no problem with any food, then you are wrong.

Tofu can cause food poisoning when eaten with honey, brown sugar and milk.

In particular, many people like to cook soup with tofu and spinach, thinking that it will be more nutritious and healthier, but it is not, because tofu with spinach may lead to stones.

銆€銆€Tofu contains magnesium chloride and calcium sulphate. Together with oxalic acid in spinach, it produces magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate.

These are two white precipitates that affect the body’s absorption of calcium and are also prone to stone disease.

Similarly, tofu can’t be eaten with bamboo shoots, white, and chestnuts.

銆€銆€The nutrient-rich egg and egg is already recognized, but it is very likely that your practice will turn it into a poison!

銆€銆€Wake up in the morning, many people like to eat eggs in soy milk to cook egg soup, but do not know that eggs and soy milk will affect digestion.

銆€銆€Soymilk contains trypsin inhibitor, which inhibits the digestion and absorption of sticky proteins in egg white.

Greatly reduce the body’s absorption rate of protein.

Moreover, the boiling point of eggs is different from that of soy milk. When the eggs are cooked, the soy milk is likely to produce toxins due to excessive heating.

銆€銆€Beef beef is the most nutritious meat. It has a high protein content, and its relative trace amount is low. It tastes delicious and is loved by many women, but do you know?

The potato yak you love will actually make your gastrointestinal dysfunction!

銆€銆€Because potatoes and beef require different levels of gastric acid when they are digested, they prolong the retention time of the food in the stomach, causing an increase in the absorption and digestion time, which leads to gastrointestinal dysfunction over time.

銆€銆€Carrots and white radishes Carrots are rich in carotene and vitamin A, which meets the needs of the human body for a variety of trace elements; white radish has the title of small ginseng, which has the effect of tonifying and nourishing.

Two kinds of foods that look like the most nutritious and healthiest, once cooked together, will destroy the body’s absorption of vitamin C!

銆€銆€We all know that the content of vitamin C in white radish is high, while the carrot contains a decomposing enzyme called ascorbic acid. Once these two elements meet, they will wipe the extraordinary “spark”.

The end result is that the vitamin C in the white radish is destroyed, and its nutritional value is naturally greatly reduced, and toxic substances are produced.

75% of endometrial cancers occur at this age, and I want to prevent it from doing this!

75% of endometrial cancers occur at this age, and I want to prevent it from doing this!

Many people have heard that some mother-in-law disregard the body of a daughter-in-law, so that some mothers have just born a big treasure and began to urge the next one, leading to various gynecological diseases.

In fact, like the disease of endometrial cancer, the high-risk group is actually a 50-60 year old woman like a mother-in-law.

As one of the most common female reproductive system tumors, endometrial cancer is second only to ovarian and cervical cancer.

What are the factors associated with endometrial cancer?

According to the statistics and analysis of patients and epidemiological data, it is found that women with the following factors are prone to endometrial cancer.

1. About 80% of patients with endometrial cancer exceed 10% of normal average body weight.

Obesity is a manifestation of endocrine imbalance. A large amount of the body increases the storage of estrogen. A few also benefit the aromatization of androgens, increasing the content of estrogen in the blood, leading to endometrial hyperplasia and even cancer.

2, menstrual disorders, early menarche or delayed menopause, susceptible to endometrial cancer.

This is because in the pre-menopausal interruption, often in a state of no ovulation, estrogen no progesterone resistance, endometrial hyperplasia caused by changes.

3, infertility is a high risk factor for endometrial cancer, long-term non-ovulation caused by infertility and women who have had a child with a disease, more susceptible to the disease.

Patients with polycystic ovary disease are also susceptible to this disease for the same reason.

4, for a variety of reasons for long-term use of exogenous estrogen, endometrial cancer may increase.

The use of exogenous estrogen alone without progesterone antagonists may increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer and is related to the dose and duration of use of estrogen.

If you use progesterone to fight, you can reduce its risk.

5, some patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases are prone to polycystic ovary syndrome endometrial atypical hyperplasia, endometrial hyperplasia is likely to be transformed into cancer.

6, long-term treatment of uterine bleeding, especially after menopause of uterine bleeding should be thought of the possibility of endometrial cancer, should do a gynecological examination, armor as soon as possible, early treatment.

7, implanted unfortunately and oil-related offenders have increased the relative risk of endometrial cancer, while vegetables and fruits have protective effects, making relative risks decline.

Sorghum has the function of storing estrogen, which will cause the endometrium to proliferate and even turn into cancer.

Prevention of endometrial cancer?

Life and work must be regular.

To quit smoking, maintain a balanced budget, strengthen exercise, control weight, and maintain a happy mood.


Women with irregular menstruation should adjust the menstrual cycle under the guidance of a professional doctor.


To regulate hormone levels under the guidance of professional physicians, scientific use of progesterone to supplement the anti-estrogen excessive effects, such as some oral contraceptives, can prevent endometrial cancer.


Women over the age of 30 should have a gynaecological examination every year.


If abnormal uterine bleeding occurs, timely treatment and treatment, especially in perimenopausal women.

Winter children’s common lip disease countermeasures and health tips


Winter children’s common lip disease countermeasures and health tips

In winter, some baby’s lips will appear red, cracked mouth, bleeding, pain, blisters, etc., sometimes even talking and eating are hurt.

Healthy is beautiful and helps your baby recover.

銆€銆€Poor nutrition is the most common form of angular keratitis.

銆€銆€Cause: Mainly caused by lack of body flavin (vitamin B2).

In the harsh winter season, fresh vegetables are implanted, and the riboflavin implanted by the child is insufficient: some children have a partial eclipse and picky eaters, which may cause riboflavin deficiency; children who suffer from chronic diarrhea and dysfunction for a long time have poor appetite and the body is on the nucleus.The absorption of flavin is affected.

In addition, the winter is dry, the lips are easy to dry, the child likes to lick the lips, the saliva quickly evaporates, the lips are dry and cracked, and then dry, forming a vicious circle.

銆€銆€Performance: The baby’s lips will appear red, chapped, cracked mouth, bleeding, pain, baby crying, serious loss of talking and eating are damaged.

銆€銆€Solution: Let the baby eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 (eggs, dried fruits, beans and fresh vegetables and fruits), and timely supplement the body’s lack of vitamins and nutrients, and the mouth can be applied with oil or anti-cracking oil.Cracked with cockroaches.

If the mouth is festering, apply some purple syrup to the area and gradually scab.

銆€銆€Causes of Flourish Cheilitis: Candida albicans infection can cause acne cheilitis.

銆€銆€Performance: dry red lips, redness, pain, desquamation, and longitudinal grooves and furrows, deep cracks can extend to the skin, and may bleeding and blood stasis, cracks long-term difficult to heal.

The entire lips are covered with grayish white phosphorus, which is difficult to remove.

銆€銆€Countermeasures: Go to the hospital immediately.

銆€銆€Tip: Do not use broad-spectrum antibiotics by yourself. Guangpu antibiotics are not effective for insulin.

銆€銆€Causes of cold sore: It is caused by a virus infection of herpes simplex. The virus is present in the patient’s vesicular rash, saliva, and stool, and is transmitted to others through direct contact or contaminated tableware.

銆€銆€Performance: At the beginning, there is burning or discomfort at the lips or mouth. After a few hours, erythema appears, and the blister fluid of the dense integrated group is quickly formed. After the peeling is broken, it can be eroded, leaking liquid, and then gradually dry and crusted.The course of disease lasts about 1 to 2 weeks and heales on his own.

銆€銆€Countermeasure: Avoid scratching: You can apply 2% purple syrup or 0.

5% neomycin ointment.

銆€銆€Tip: Do not interfere with the needle or needle to avoid blistering, so as not to cause bacterial infection.

Dry air in winter, the child’s lips often dry, moisturize the lips, lock the moisture becomes the key to winter baby lip care.


Moisturizing red lips from the dry and dry winter of eating and drinking, the baby’s delicate lips need vitamin C, vitamin B2 nourishment.

In winter, mother can prepare some eggs, dried fruits, beans and fresh vegetables and fruits for the baby. These vitamin C and vitamin B2, cucumber, bitter gourd, eggplant, pear, radish, intersect, apple, etc. are all winter moisturizing products.May let the children change their samples.

Mother can also give your baby a little bit of fluid, lungs, thirst-quenching rock sugar pear or rock sugar red dates and white fungus.

銆€銆€In the dry winter, the baby should not eat dry and hot foods such as pepper, garlic, ginger, green onions, onions, leeks, oranges, dog meat, mutton, dried longan, lychee, etc. These foods are too hot and easy to get angry.


Drinking water and moist lips are dry in the winter, and the water dispersion of the skin is not increased. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish water at any time, and the water in the body accumulates, and the lips and skin are naturally fully moisturized.

Children are very fun, not thirsty, it is hard to think of drinking water, mother must remind the baby to drink water in time: you can put the cup on the game table, the child can see it at any time, get it, naturally remind the role.

Don’t wait until your child has a thirst, then the cells in the body are often severely dehydrated.

銆€銆€Winter fruit is rich, it can make your baby drink a little more juice, orange juice is better, its vitamin C content is high, and the sugar content is low, it is suitable for children to take.


After cleaning your lips, every meal can be used by your mother to wash your lips with warm water.

銆€銆€Tip: Use clean water to clean, do not use alkaline cleaning products such as soap, otherwise, it is more likely to cause dryness.


After moisturizing and drying the lips, the mother can apply some moisturizers to the lips of the baby to moisturize the lips and reduce the loss of lip water.

Children over 2 years old can supplement children’s lip balm, natural nutrients are more suitable for children’s needs, baby under 2 years old, can be applied to the lips with oil instead of sesame oil or vitamin C capsules, also can moisturize and moisturize.

銆€銆€Tip: Do not use glycerin, because glycerin has dehydration, the more dry it is.

銆€銆€5, massage the lips If the baby’s lips dry and peel, you can first clean the lips, apply lip balm, then cover the plastic wrap, then gently massage with a hot towel, so that the dead skin on the lips can be removed, local massage to promote bloodLoop to make your lips more moisturized.
銆€銆€Tip: The lips are cracked and peeled. Don’t let the child tear it by hand, causing fractures and pain, and even causing infection.

銆€銆€During the dry season, some children will use their tongues to lick their lips from time to time to moisturize their lips. It is often counterproductive. The more dry the lips, the more dry the mouth is. Therefore, when the child’s lips are dry, the mother should let the children drink more water for the children.Apply lip balm and tell him not to use your tongue to lick your lips.

Chinese medicine foot bath health care seven categories of people should not be carried out


Chinese medicine foot bath health care seven categories of people should not be carried out

One is women in pregnancy and menstruation, because traditional Chinese medicine bathing feet may stimulate women’s gonad reflex zones, thus affecting the health of women and fetuses.

銆€銆€Second, people with various serious bleeding diseases, such as hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach bleeding, uterine bleeding and other visceral bleeding, may cause local tissue bleeding during foot massage.

銆€銆€Third, renal failure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, liver necrosis and other critically ill patients, because the condition is very easy, the stimulation of the foot reflex zone may cause a strong reaction, complicating the condition.

銆€銆€Fourth, some acute infectious diseases, acute poisoning, surgical emergency patients, such as trauma, fractures, burns, perforation, major bleeding, etc., because the best opportunity for misdiagnosis of mussels.

銆€銆€Fifth, people who are in great anger, great sorrow, overjoyed or nervous, and physically exhausted.

銆€銆€Sixth is the person who takes a foot bath within 1 hour before and after the meal.

Due to the expansion of the blood vessels in the foot during the foot bath, the blood volume increases, resulting in a decrease in blood in the body and viscera, affecting digestion and digestion.

That is, the foot bath before meals may inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, and it is indigestion; immediately after a meal, the foot bath may cause a decrease in blood volume in the body and affect digestion.

銆€銆€Seventh is a patient with trauma, blisters, hemorrhoids, inflammation, suppuration, ulcers, edema and heavier varicose veins in the foot.