Constipation is difficult to cure, onion and ginger plus it, quick laxative, with external application of internal medicine 4 prescription


Constipation is difficult to cure, onion and ginger plus it, quick laxative, with external application of internal medicine 4 prescription

When it comes to constipation, everyone’s first feeling is that the obstruction is unbearable, and secondly, they can’t eat the food they love. Otherwise, it will aggravate the condition, which is the most unbearable for us.

What do we have to pay attention to in life to alleviate this substitution?

This is the theme we are going to talk about today.

Patients who have constipation can cause discomfort in the mood, and patients can easily become irritable and have a great impact on our lives and work.

There are many reasons for constipation. It has a lot to do with our daily life, diet, and mental stress.

The most common is the diet and the law of life. Some people eat spicy and irritating foods that cause great harm to the body. Among them, seafood can easily lead to sensitive foods; especially some changes in immunity, if immunityIf you lower your body’s resistance, you will be vulnerable to external germs and microbial infections, which will cause great harm to the body.

In most people’s eyes, it is very difficult to completely cure the constipation, because it has a great connection with the patient’s constitution, but in fact its treatment is not as troublesome as imagined. On the contrary, if you can accurately recognize constipation, adopt appropriateThe method of treatment, combined with the usual care, is very helpful in the treatment of constipation.

[Material]Rhubarb 10g, vinegar amount;[practice]grind rhubarb into powder, then add appropriate amount of vinegar to make a paste, take appropriate amount of gauze wrapped, attached to the center of the bottom of the foot of the Yongquan point, each time to wear 12In an hour, it will take effect once.

It has the effect of eliminating heat and clearing the laxative.


[Onion on the outside][Material]: Even with a large onion, ginger, cardamom amount.

[Practice]: Pick 5 fresh onions, 10 grams of salt, 15 capsules of soybeans, and a piece of ginger.

Use the container to put the above materials together and smash.

Then heat it on the fire and fix it on the navel with gauze. It can be laxative when 2 hours.

The effect is not obvious, it can be used continuously, and it can be laxative.

3,[Supplementary fiber supplement therapy][Materials]: “Suyuan Hanfang” low-poly fructose syrup; in the introduction of “Health and Health”, “Suyuan Hanfang” is extracted from hawthorn, malt and oligofructoseCheng, is an excellent predetermined fiber supplement, which can be found in Amoy.

[Usage]: In the morning, take it on an empty stomach.

The first time an adult needs 50 ml, mix it with warm water about 400 ml and evenly quote it.

After that, add 25 ml of water to 400 ml per day.

[Function]: The hawthorn and malt in the formula have the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach to help digestion. After the oligofructose enters the interior, the amount of beneficial bacteria is absorbed in a short time, so that the flora of the body reaches an equilibrium state, and the purpose of quickly relieving constipation is achieved.
4,[rock candy banana porridge][material]: ripe banana 1?

Root, about 15 grams of rock sugar.

[Practice]: After peeling the banana, cut it into small pieces and add it to the small bowl. Add the rock sugar and cook it together with water.

Every morning and evening, it has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, clearing dryness and invigorating the intestines for 3-5 consecutive days, which has a significant effect on relieving constipation.

Although the treatment of constipation is very important, its care also plays a decisive role in the treatment period, so let’s briefly talk about the places that are often placed.

For the protection of constipation, we should pay attention to personal hygiene in life, do not eat barbecues and cold drinks outside the roadside stalls, do not eat unclean food.


Patients with weak constitution insist on going to bed early and getting up early every day, insist on exercising for more than one hour, and more exposure to external fresh air, but if you are staying in the wild, you should take protective measures to prevent some infections.

3 patients should be timely.

Regulate the diet, supplement the body’s vitamins, eat more fruits and vegetables, increase the proportion of dietary fiber intake, and achieve a balanced diet.


In the mood, patients should work hard to cooperate with the treatment, maintain an optimistic attitude, but also to ensure sleep, learn to regulate emotional changes.

Five strokes must win the secret to help you block the disease


Five strokes must win the secret to help you block the disease

Health, fitness?

Very different.

In the method of adhering to health, it is sure to improve the physical resistance of the body through exercise such as fitness, but simply exercising is not necessarily a manifestation of health.

How to promote “nurturing” through “health”, let us discuss it together.

銆€銆€The first trick is to win the secret: relax the spirit, the spirit of the body and the lightness of “health” and “fitness” is the spirit of relaxation.

Relaxation allows the muscles, bones, and organs to be naturally restored and trimmed.

銆€銆€The first point of relaxation is to let go of fame and fortune, right and wrong, and emotional entanglement, and get a good breath, take a good rest, and when you can’t calm down, you can do a big respiration (see below).

To solve the problem fundamentally, we must establish the “big self” thinking, and always think that our existence is the needs of human society, family and friends; the value of personal existence is to contribute to social progress and human happiness.

With this spiritual foundation, we will re-emerge, pay heavily, pay fame and fortune, think from the big picture, deny ourselves, and give up our minds and peace of mind. In order to realize our own values, we will fulfill our obligations, in the face of difficulties and setbacks.Nothing to be discouraged, nowhere to go.

銆€銆€The second point of relaxation is that subjective obedience is objective.

The development of human society is a development process from low to high. It is an obligation to resolve conflicts and overcome drawbacks.

Expand your ability, and you can’t slap the sky.

For what you can do, see what you can do, do your best, and do whatever you can’t do or do, and don’t let the troubles that you can’t control.

Let those troublesome things be solved with historical progress and social development.

銆€銆€The third point of relaxation is to go all out and treat all criticism and blame.

The attack and irony of malice can be treated by disregarding it; the criticism and blame for goodwill can be properly explained or silenced.

In either case, it is not in mind.

We must be convinced that we have not done anything wrong, so that our mentality will naturally calm down; if it is indeed wrong, we will never intentionally make a mistake, without remorse and trouble; find the cause and correct it.

銆€銆€The fourth point of relaxation is that you are not afraid of disease.

I believe that through the improvement of medical standards, all diseases can be cured; at the same time, I believe that through scientific exercise, the symptoms of the disease can be eliminated.

In any case, you must maintain a healthy mentality and believe that you have the ability to overcome the disease.

If you can do this, even if you are really sick, you can at least cut it in half. The remaining half is even more important. After treatment and exercise, you will soon get better.

銆€銆€The fifth point of relaxation is that you are alive and happy.

As long as you can breathe, you are happy; if you have the ability, you can hope to live better, that is the icing on the cake.

銆€銆€The second trick is to win the secret: pay attention to scientific diet, overcome bad habits, eat nutrition, and never picky eaters according to taste.

In order to be comprehensive in nutrition, there are many food varieties to try.

In order to increase appetite, it can be processed by different cooking methods to suit your taste.

When keeping the nutritional value of the food inconsistent with the taste, you must force yourself to eat food that is not suitable for taste.

I would rather eat “rice” as a “medicine”. I must not wait until the disease is riddled with the “medicine” as a “rice.”

Don’t trust the magical effects of various supplements.

When the physiological mechanism of the body is not perfect, eating the so-called “replenishment” can not benefit or even be harmful.

銆€銆€The diet should change more patterns and the lifestyle should be richer.

For any kind of so-called “enjoyment” that is not conducive to health, you can’t be greedy. You must control your tolerance according to your ability to withstand and do what you can.

For example, smoking, drinking, and playing, etc., should not be excessive, and it should not be at the expense of health.

銆€銆€Brief content: The diet should change the pattern and the lifestyle should be rich.

For any kind of so-called “enjoyment” that is not conducive to health, you can’t be greedy. You must control your tolerance according to your ability to withstand and do what you can.

For example, smoking, drinking, and playing, etc., should not be excessive, and it should not be at the expense of health.

銆€銆€The third trick is to win the secret: scientific breathing, life to benefit from breathing, there are two kinds of chest breathing and abdominal breathing.The air used by the former is not fully utilized, and a considerable amount of oxygen has not been used yet, and it has been called out. In order to meet the oxygen demand of various tissues and organs in the body during metabolism, it is necessary to increase the respiratory rate.

This method is prone to shortness of breath, often with shortness of breath and fatigue.

It may increase the inspiratory volume, and the utilization rate of oxygen is also not high. In addition, the lack of oxygen in the lungs is not conducive to blood purification, and is also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to my many years of fitness experience, the best way to breathe should be “great breathing” (also known as double breathing in the lungs and abdomen).

銆€銆€The specific method is: the middle is gradually, the eyes are gently closed.

Contain chest, abdomen, inhale, and expand the chest to both sides.

The two young people will feel upturned, their heads will be a little bit bloated, as if they are growing taller and their heads are up to the sky.

In the process, inhale into the lungs; the lower jaw is close to the chest, and the lower abdomen is used to exhale the exhaust gas from the nasal cavity (or the oral cavity) through the throat.

I can feel that the blood goes down from the head and goes down the back. The life door will tighten and swell. The whole body seems to fall into the ground. There is a feeling of being able to penetrate up and down and feel comfortable.

Exhale to try thoroughly.

銆€銆€This breathing method has two outstanding advantages: one is to increase the amount of inhalation; the other is to make more efficient use of the oxygen inhaled.

Do large breathing, no special requirements for posture.

If you relax and do it before going to sleep, it will both relieve fatigue and help you fall asleep as soon as possible.

If you stand up, the center of gravity moves forward when inhaling, and the center of gravity moves backwards when exhaling, the body will shake slightly, remember, don’t fall.

銆€銆€In order to fully understand the feeling of inhalation, you can inhale, inhale, inhale, and finally slowly exhale.

This method reduces the blood supply of people with low blood pressure.

銆€銆€Hypertensive patients should be more aware of the comfort when exhaling.

In addition, every day, you can do a large circulation of 1-2 hours of breathing, and you can quickly get the effect of losing weight.

銆€銆€The fourth trick is to win the secret: the specific practice of doing the squatting exercise is: the two feet are close together, the whole body is in the middle, the shoulders are slightly buckled, the two arms are naturally drooping, the hundred will be on the collar, the lower jaw is recycled, and the two eyes are gently closed.

銆€銆€According to the method of breathing in a large circulation, after taking a good breath (the center of gravity should be moved to the forefoot), the gas is slowly squatting, and the center of gravity gradually moves toward the heel. At the lowest point, both hands embrace the calf or fracture (the beginner can onlyHold the knees, when the waist is loose, you can hold the calf), do a few deep breaths, lean back and pull the spine, then suck the gas, lead the party, use the power of DantianStart up.

銆€銆€If you squat, calf, thigh, and small belly, the three can be closely attached, the accumulation of the collar, the alignment and the head do not exceed the “over the toe alignment”, indicating that the requirements have been met.

銆€銆€The number of squats can be determined according to the individual’s physical strength and time, 30-60 or 120 or 240 at a time.

銆€銆€This practice can often stretch the bones, smooth the veins, and prolong life.

銆€銆€The fifth trick is to win the secret: the general practice of lowering the waist and lowering the blood pressure is: the two feet are close together, the whole body is in the middle, and the hundred will be on the collar.

The arms are lifted up to the top of the head, the palms are forward, the arms are attached to the ears, and the ears are deeply sucked. At the same time, the arms are pulled up, then the head is tilted forward, the arms are extended, the cervical spine is inserted, the thoracic vertebrae is bent, and the lumbar vertebrae are bent.Two palms to the front of the foot, press three times; turn left and press down three times; turn to the right and press down three times, then turn the body to the right, both hands press the ground to the back, squat the heel, the lower jaw continues to receive, the bodyContinue to bend, close the lower abdomen and put the head on the calf (when you reach a high level, the brow can be attached to the body) three times.

Then, take in the gas, pass through the Baihui, and use the waist to arch, so that the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, and cervical vertebrae rise straight up, and finally the body is right, and both hands are lifted to the top of the head and loose.

銆€銆€This action can be done 3-6 times at a time.

Ancient beauty, Xi Shi, and other four beautiful women’s beauty secret recipe


Ancient beauty, Xi Shi, and other four beautiful women’s beauty secret recipe

The beauty of the four beautiful women Fang Xi Shi: Yu Rong Xi Shi San Shi Shi as the first of the four beautiful women, her most commonly used secret recipe is “fragrance powder”, the fragrance can only make her aroma, and make her look like jade, beautyBrilliant.

“Puji Fang” is recorded as “Yu Rong Xi Shi San”.

System of law: take 60 grams of mung bean powder, white peony, white peony, white peony, white silkworm, white aconite, 30 grams of Tianhua powder, Gansong, hawthorn, lemongrass each 15 grams, Lingling, wind, Sakamoto 6Gram, 100 grams of saponin.

The above drugs are dried together, ground into a very fine drug, and placed in a porcelain bottle to be sealed and stored.

At the time of use, each time you can take 10 grams of this medicine from the small bottle, mix it with water to make a paste, cover the face, wash it with water after 30 minutes, and apply it once a night.

Yurong Xi Shi San is suitable for women of all ages. It has the effects of whitening and cleansing, dehumidification and detoxification, and fading beauty, especially for women with melasma, freckles, acne, acne and other skin diseases.
In addition, Yurong Xi Shi San has a good effect in the treatment of acne.

According to legend, a Baylor of the Qing Dynasty used this method to cure severe hemorrhoids, and there was no scar on the affected area.

Hey: Shen Xiangmei is a little expensive and different from Zhaojun. When he was a child, he was already a well-known beauty.

However, there are also imperfections in the beauty, and the teeth are not white enough, which is the most troublesome problem.

How to solve this trap by pursuing perfection?

Her secret recipe for cleansing teeth is: use agarwood, musk each 5 points, Asarum, Cimicifuga, Sakamoto, Musk leaves, Gansong, white peony each 1 money 2 points, gypsum, cold water stone each 1 2, mixed together 鎹roken into a powder and placed in a small bottle for later use.

After getting up every morning, wipe your teeth before going to bed at night. After half a month, your teeth will become white.

However, due to the agarwood, the musk is too expensive, so using this method to whiten the teeth, it seems that some of the materials are small, pregnant women use with caution.

Wang Zhaojun: The five sugar cans of the sugar can be passed down by the Wufa. When Zhaojun was young, the beauty was beautiful, but the hair quality was not good. The yellow hair was dry and not dry, and it was rarely sparse. It was difficult to be a hair, but the snow skin was white, but it was white.Faceless, with a morbid state, these are due to her yin physique, which makes the old woman Wang Hao very distressed.

One day, a doctor visits, first see Zhaojun, suddenly shocked as a man of heaven, “a good doll with a pink sculpture!

“It was a pity that Zhao Jun was found to be in poor health. It was specially given to Wang Hao to offer a therapeutic diet called “Rose Sugar Five Fruits”, and that the prescriptions needed to eat less dry, spicy, fragrant and other liquids.Such as pepper, pepper, fennel, leeks and so on.

Method: use 2 red dates, 6 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of wolfberry, add a bowl of water to cook, water for 10 minutes, put warm, 1 Sydney (goed to leave the skin), banana2 (peeled) chopped and added, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, eat daily in the morning.

In addition, the travel doctor also sent Zhao Jun a topical Wufa prescription: chamomile flowers, vines, dried cypress leaves, Chuanxiong, mulberry white skin, white peony, Asarum, Eclipta sinensis, grinding together into coarse, take a small amount each time you wash your hair, add two bowls of water to boil, until the frying is a large bowl, wash the head with the medicinal juice after going to the slag.

A girl with sparse hair and yellowing can try it.

Of course, “Rose Sugar Five Fruits” is not suitable for everyone. This side has the effect of nourishing yin and blood. It is suitable for women with weak yin and body, but a girl with non-yin deficiency may be counterproductive.

Yang Guizhen: Yuhong cream emollient cleansing and anti-inflammatory “Yu 鐪?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗?绗慔er most famous beauty secret recipe.

Method: peel the almonds, talc, light powder, aliquots, research fine, steamed in the cage, put into the dragon brain, musk, and mix thoroughly with egg white.

Almond is rich in fecal oil, which has the effect of nourishing the skin. Light pink and white as snow, external application can make the skin white and delicate, and can treat a variety of skin diseases, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects; talc is very smoothThe skin is tiny and delicate, and the external application is sufficient to absorb the irritants and poisons on the skin, and the skin is covered with freckles, pigmentation, and spots and other defects.

The party can “make the face ruddy and pleasing, and the color will be like a red jade after the day.”

5 slimming drinks to drink slim and light


5 slimming drinks to drink slim and light

Choosing the right drink can also help slim down!

The following 5 drinks will make you feel light and slim.1.

The flower plums are available in sour plum juice, a phytochemical that helps the body effectively excrete feces and toxins.

Drinking a cup of plum juice, the body’s “clean” procedure can be greatly accelerated, and the liver can also quickly and thoroughly replace the body with substances that may cause too much.


Apple vinegar Western folk weight-loss recipe – apple vinegar, the principle is that the fermented apple is rich in pectin, can help open the door of “aunt cell”, let the slight metabolism burn and excrete, so that apple cider vinegarIt can completely prevent the formation of abnormal cells in the human body.


The caffeine contained in the coffee coffee can control the appetite to a certain extent. According to the study: drinking coffee before breakfast, only feeling 75% of the previous food intake will feel full, and can also accelerate the slight burning speed by 5%.This is due to a heat-producing substance in coffee, jaundice, which also provides enough content for the body.


Skim yogurt defatted yoghurt has lower calorie content than other milk drinks, and has a certain weight loss effect, because it is rich in a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of the flora in the body and promote peristalsis, thereby alleviating constipation.

In addition, yogurt has an elevated satiety, and a cup when it is slightly elevated can effectively alleviate the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the amount of meals in the next meal.


All kinds of teas such as green tea, oolong tea and Pu’er tea have good weight loss effects.

The ancients believed that the reason why tea can lose weight is because it can alleviate all the dirt in the stomach.

This is due to the acidic substances contained in the tea, which are converted into fatty acid precipitates in the food, which are separated from the water and excreted, thereby reducing the burden of hypertension and helping to reduce fat and blood pressure.

Therefore, tea can reduce weight loss by eliminating adulthood.

Furniture size controls your health?

Furniture size “controls” your health?

When we choose furniture, do we have more requirements on materials, colors and appearance than the size?
Luo Wei, director of the Beijing Wood Furniture Quality Inspection Station, reminded that inappropriate furniture size will affect people’s health.
銆€銆€When you choose furniture, do you have more requirements on materials, colors and appearance than the size?
Luo Wei, director of the Beijing Wood Furniture Quality Inspection Station, reminded that inappropriate furniture size will affect people’s health.
銆€銆€Luo Wei said that according to the functional size and comfort level of the human body, the state has set corresponding standards for some furniture sizes such as tables, chairs and beds.
銆€銆€If the size of the furniture differs from the standard by a few centimeters, although there is no big difference from the outside, people may use it for a long time, and may have problems such as spine deformation, lumbar muscle strain, and decreased vision.
We have listed several common standard sizes for furniture for your reference.
Sofa: The front width of the sofa seat should not be less than 480mm; the depth of the seat surface should be between 480mm-600mm; the height of the seat surface should be in the range of 360mm-420mm.
Today, some simple and stylish low-profile sofas are popular among young people.
However, the height and width of the sofa are closely related to health.
銆€銆€If the front width of the sofa seat is smaller than the standard, the space of the sofa will become narrow; the depth of the seat surface is too deep, the calf can not sag naturally, and the calf is easy to be pressed; too shallow, it will make people feel unsatisfied.The seat is too high, just like sitting in a high chair, very uncomfortable. If it is too low, people will feel more strenuous when they stand up.
Bed: 440mm is the healthy height (measured by the height of the quilt from the ground).
Many people like a tatami-like bed and feel that this bed is simple and convenient.
There are also some people who often use the bed as a storage room and use a small cabinet to make the mattress high.
In fact, if the bed is too high or too low from the ground, the legs will not be able to land properly. After a long time, the nerves in the legs will be squeezed.
Pillows: Adults have a pillow height of 150mm, which is slightly lower for the elderly and children.
Because the height of the pillow will directly affect sleep, the pillow is too high, people can not be in a state of natural relaxation, affecting the quality of sleep, hindering blood circulation, especially for the growth and development of children and the health of the elderly.
The height difference between the table and chair is between 280mm and 300mm; the height below the desk is not less than 580mm and the width is not less than 520mm.
If the table is too short or the chair is too high, it will affect the human spine and lumbar vertebrae, especially for children’s vision and growth.
If the space below the desk is not up to standard, the legs will not be free to move.
銆€銆€In addition, because the size of the TV model in each home is not the same, the choice of the TV cabinet should be calculated based on the height of the TV and the sofa.
If people’s sights fall right in the center of the TV screen, the height of the TV cabinet is appropriate.
銆€銆€The best way to determine if a piece of furniture is right is to try it yourself.
If you work at the computer desk for a while, you will feel back pain, but you will not feel relaxed when you have enough time to sleep. It is very likely that your furniture size is wrong.
Therefore, when selecting furniture, you must try and ask more questions. You can also find the manufacturer directly according to your personal situation.

How to properly exercise to lose weight and stick to the principle of four sports weight loss


How to properly exercise to lose weight and stick to the principle of four sports weight loss

According to swimming data, the thermal metabolic coefficient of water is 26 times larger than that of air. If it is more than 20 times faster than the loss in the air at the same temperature, it effectively consumes people’s amplitude.

Tests show that if you swim 100 meters in the water, it consumes 100 kilocalories of heat, which is equivalent to running 400 meters on land, or 1000 meters on bicycles, or 1,500 meters on ice.

In addition, due to the action of water waves, the skin of the human body is constantly rubbed, so that the skin is relaxed and rested, so people who swim frequently have a smooth, soft skin.

Mountain climbing in summer climbing is effective.

When the weather is hot, climbing the mountain, the physical exertion will increase by about 20%-30%.

The best way to eliminate misfortune is “aerobic exercise”. Mountain climbing is the best aerobic exercise.

Every time you climb the mountain to prepare for a break, take a test of the watch: 120 beats per minute, can last for 10 minutes, indicating that the amount of exercise reaches the goal of the combustion assistant.

Walking for all kinds of people: playing swords, dancing guns, playing Tai Chi, jumping Mulan fans; ethnic dance here, there is social dance.

Singing on the left, singing on the right, which one is better than sleeping at home.

Other weight-loss measures include: eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating less staple foods.

However, to say so much, the most important point is “persistence.”

The following double rooms have a number of sports that consume 300 kilocalories: Jogging 30?
50 minutes.

Riding a bicycle for 1 hour?
75 points.

1 hour walk?
One and a half hours.

Swimming 30?
40 marks.

Playing tennis for 45 points?
1 hour.

Skipping rope 30?
40 marks.

Push-ups Sit-ups Some items in the home can be trained as sports equipment. With two small benches on the ground, you can do push-ups; lying on the bed, holding two watermelons on your chest, you can do sit-ups.Training; if the man has a beer belly, you can take 30 minutes of aerobic training every day, then abdominal training, such as push-ups, high-legged legs, etc., do not require speed, but have enough training time.



More and more fat!

More and more fat!

Many MMs who are determined to lose weight have had such an experience – obviously fat loss exercise every day, how does the weight not fall?

銆€銆€The weight loss plan has failed!

Who is the murderer?

銆€銆€Auntie who is fully prepared for this weight loss battle, the daily calorie and exercise volume are accurately calculated. The first kilogram is only afraid of affecting the effect of weight loss, and it is believed that the sports drink is the most popular after sweating.Good myths broke the whole plan.


Are sports drinks designed for acceptance after exercise?

Yes, sports drinks do have the function of regulating the body’s electrolytes, but they are modulated by athletes who continue to exercise and exercise intensely. For the lesser-performing, short-term exercise or insufficient exercise intensity, the average person is actually simplyThe boiled water can replenish the water, and the long-term addition of the sports drink can easily cause the burden on the body.

銆€銆€Experts say that if you don’t sweat a lot or exercise for more than one and a half hours, a balanced diet is enough to provide the electrolytes your body needs. Otherwise, too much electrolyte can easily increase the burden of high blood pressure.


The more exercise, the more obese?

銆€銆€The body’s sweat mainly contains electrolytes such as sodium, chlorine, potassium and calcium. In addition to very slow movements, such as marathons, triathlons, etc., the general amount of exercise will only consume a small amount of electrolyte, which is stored by the body itself.The energy is regulated and released into the blood, which supplements the amount of loss, and then drinks the sports drink, which is redundant.

銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, the body’s absorption and discharge of water and electrolytes will be in balance to maintain the stability of the body’s environment, and the important role of regulation is the kidney, if excessive absorption for a long time, it must be redundantPartial discharge will inevitably increase the burden on the kidney function, and severely cause blood pressure to rise, causing blood pressure to rise, and may also cause damage to the body functions such as the heart and blood vessels.

銆€銆€In addition, in view of the most concerned conversion of weight loss, it is a bottle of 350cc sports drink, which can be transformed up to 110 cards, so a bottle of sports drink may make the exercise weight loss plan all work, and even long-termMaybe the more you exercise, the more obese!

銆€銆€Replenish energy, natural is good!

銆€銆€If it is not suitable for drinking sports drinks, but want to supplement the electrolyte lost in exercise?

Sports drinks, except for the nutrition of athletes’ special needs, unless other nutrients, so the average person after the exercise, add extra water (white water), and then with natural fruit, is the best choice, like being absorbedConvenient bananas, kiwis, etc., with a size of about 1 to 2 fists, can be timely supplemented with water, potassium, magnesium and other minerals to help maintain the body’s absorption balance.

銆€銆€In addition, muscle fatigue after exercise can supplement the intake of calcium, magnesium and two nutrients kiwifruit, maintain nerves and relieve muscle soreness, cramps and other effects, rich in fiber supplement, easy to produce satiety, slow appetite,Help control the amount of food after exercise, avoiding weight loss and not eating more.

銆€銆€Sports and drinking also have the knowledge to be reminded that no matter what time you choose to exercise, drinking water is a key detail that cannot be ignored.

People who exercise in the morning should drink some water every 20 minutes, and drink 120 ml at a time.

Afternoon and evening exercise, the intensity is greater than the morning, the body’s energy and water can not be absorbed, to add 200 ml of water.

At the same time, we can’t wait until we feel thirsty and drink water. At this time, the body is already short of water.

In addition, it is best not to drink too much after exercise, to drink bit by bit, to reduce the burden on the heart.

You can also prepare salted sugar, honey water or sports drinks, which will help us recover.

In the late summer and early autumn, each fruit has its own tricks. It’s silly to not eat these fruits in the fall.


In the late summer and early autumn, each fruit has its own tricks. It’s silly to not eat these fruits in the fall.

If you don’t eat these fruits in the fall, you will be stupid. The autumn pears, clear heart, and lungs are fresh and juicy. They are 鈥渘atural mineral water鈥? which helps to clear the heart, reduce heat and detoxify.

It can be eaten raw, juiced, stewed or simmered.

Kiwifruit is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin C content.

Vitamin K is also very rich, which is good for blood coagulation and bone health.

Eat less when diarrhea, kiwifruit seeds can not be digested and absorbed by the intestines, will stimulate the series of peristalsis, aggravating the symptoms of diarrhea.

The grape antioxidant grape is sweet and sour, and the juice is abundant.

Anthocyanins and resveratrol are rich in content and can resist oxidation.

Often eat grapes also benefit Qi and blood, diuretic swelling, but the grape is cold, the spleen and stomach debilitating should not eat more.

Pitaya anti-constipation dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and predetermined fiber, sesame seeds can promote digestion.

The betaine in the inner layer of the skin is resistant to oxidation.

However, people with cold physique such as diarrhea should not eat more.

Mango eye-protecting mango meat is sweet and has a unique flavor.

It is known that vitamins B6 and B6 are important for the normal functioning of the nervous system and the brain.

It can also be converted into vitamin A in the body by carotenoids.

Fig, stomach and intestine figs contain a variety of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids to help digestion and promote appetite.

It also contains dietary fiber, which is easy to moisten.

Carambola diuretic promotes the digestion of carambola juice, clearing heat and fluid, diuretic detoxification.

The oxalic acid, citric acid and other nutrients at the front end can increase the acidity of the gastric juice and promote digestion.

However, carambola is cold, excessive consumption can cause spleen and stomach cold, affecting food digestion and absorption, not suitable for refrigerated or iced.

How to eat nourishing glutinous rice


How to eat nourishing glutinous rice

Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is warm, sweet, into the lungs, spleen, is a mild tonic, with tonic, blood, spleen and warm stomach, antiperspirant and so on.

Applicable to spleen and stomach caused by nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and qi deficiency caused by shortness of breath, pregnancy, abdominal bulge embolism.

The TCM classics “Materia Medica” is a full explanation of the health and health effects of glutinous rice, saying that glutinous rice is “the spleen and stomach, the valley of benefit lungs.”

When the spleen and stomach are profitable, the middle (referring to the human stomach) is self-warming, and the force stays; the warm energy can nourish the gas, the smoothness is self-heating, and the spleen and lung deficiency should be suitable.”

銆€銆€The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so it has a good beneficial effect on the weak spleen and stomach.

Glutinous rice and yam porridge, can strengthen the spleen and stomach; add lotus seeds with the same sputum, can stop the diarrhea; loss of appetite, you can cook the glutinous rice with the pig belly, the method is to soak the glutinous rice for half an hour, then put it into the pork belly,After stewing, eat meat and soup, remove the dried glutinous rice and serve it in divided portions.

Glutinous rice is a good nutritious food for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and bronchitis, patients in recovery period and those with physical weakness.

In addition, eating black glutinous rice often has the effect of tonifying the kidney.

Black glutinous rice boiled oysters, can cure dizziness and tinnitus caused by liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knees, etc., black glutinous rice can also make hair black hair bright, and mulberry, black sesame with the best cooking effect.

銆€銆€The wine made from glutinous rice can be used to nourish fitness and cure diseases.

Such as the use of glutinous rice, Eucommia, Astragalus, medlar, Angelica and other brewed into “Duzhong glutinous rice wine”, drink has the effect of strengthening the spirit, beauty and longevity, Shujinhuoxue.

There is also a kind of “Tianma glutinous rice wine”, which is made of Tianma, Codonopsis and other glutinous rice. It has the functions of supplementing brain and brain, protecting the invention, promoting blood circulation and prolonging life.

銆€銆€Here are a few recommended prescriptions for glutinous rice.

銆€銆€Glutinous rice, glutinous rice powder, sugar and water, add some water, knead into a group, put it on the steamer cage drawer and steam it.

For poor diet, weakness, blood in the stool can be supplemented by virtual, hemostasis, and nourish the stomach.

銆€銆€30 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of medlar, boiled, eat soup, glutinous rice and wolfberry, eat twice a day.

For dizziness, dizziness, waist and knees have a role, but also nourish liver and kidney and eyesight.

銆€銆€50 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of black sesame seeds.

The two are separately simmered into a yellowish color, and they are researched into a mixture and eat a few spoonfuls a day.

For shortness of breath, it must be early white, hair loss, weakness after illness, etc. It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, moistening the five internal organs, and nourishing the stomach.

銆€銆€50 grams of glutinous rice flour, 鑼嫇 30 grams.

Stir the glutinous rice flour with yellow and glutinous rice into a fine powder, once a day.

For the loss of appetite, abdominal distension, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. have stomach, spleen, dampness, and calm the nerves.

銆€銆€30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of chestnut, boiled and cooked into porridge, eaten for breakfast.

For the waist and legs are weak, nausea and diarrhea, etc., have the effect of supplementing the vital energy, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the gluten, and promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

銆€銆€100 grams of glutinous rice, 10 red dates, with the cooking of porridge often eat, can nourish the stomach, relieve pain, treat chronic gastritis.

銆€銆€50 grams of red bean, 15 grams of white lentils boiled, then add 20 jujubes, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of glutinous rice cooked together, and finally 50 grams of yam peeled into the porridge, to the extent of cooked rotten, regular food can be treatedanemia.

銆€銆€100 grams of glutinous rice, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 10 red dates, boiled into porridge, eat once a day, can benefit Qi and soothe the nerves, treatment of neurasthenia.

銆€銆€15 grams of longan, 5 red dates, 150 grams of glutinous rice, co-cooked into a porridge, and then called sugar.

Useful for qi and blood, the role of peace of mind, especially for body cold, body fatigue and other qi and blood deficiency, hot body or have hot and humid fire or fever patients.

銆€銆€100 grams of glutinous rice with boiled porridge, after cooking, add 15 grams of mashed gelatin, stir and cook a little, then have nourishing blood to stop bleeding, nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, and the effect of fetus, blood deficiency, blood in the urine, blood in the stool,Hematemesis and so on.

However, indigestion or cold, fever patients should not eat.

Experts guide how to reduce waist and fat after childbirth

Lu Feng, Lecturer in Plastic Surgery, Southern Hospital, Attending Physician, 2005?
In 2006, he was sent to Japan by the Ministry of Health for one year.

Ten years of military plastic surgery, has a wealth of clinical experience.

He has published 6 English papers in world-class academic journals and participated in 3 researches funded by the National Natural Science Foundation.

  “Restoring perfect body and reshaping confident body shape” is the beautiful dream of many postpartum women.

Many postpartum women, especially those with multiple births, will find themselves deformed: loose abdominal skin, “hoarding” excess meat at the waist, ugly “stretch marks” and so on.

  The remodeling of the postpartum body should begin immediately after birth.

First of all, the abdominal skin will gradually disappear due to pregnancy. Therefore, from the perspective of restoring the body shape, the abdominal band should be corrected and used as soon as possible after the birth to help the elastic fiber of the stretched skin recover elasticity.

The tightness of the tip belt is generally comfortable, and the extension time is recommended for more than 6 months.

  During pregnancy and lactation, women will have a rapid increase in body weight due to changes in hormone levels in the body. In fact, changes in postpartum hormone levels will occur, and body weight will gradually disappear.

However, many women find that no matter how hard they work after childbirth, the rest of the body weight returns to the pre-pregnancy level, and there is too much “excess meat” in the abdomen.

This problem can be improved by strengthening exercise and “dieting”, or it can be solved by “slight intervention”.

“Aunt’s surgery” is more convenient to be understood as “shape shaping”, which removes the local excess feces by surgery, so that the skin’s own elastic retraction reshapes the body.

But this is an invasive procedure with certain risks, so it is recommended to maintain a cautious mindset to consider whether you need surgery.

  There are also a number of multiple births or multiple maternal pregnancy stretch marks and skin relaxation.

Stretch marks are mainly caused by the breakage of the abdominal elastic fibers after being overstretched, and there is currently no very effective treatment.

Severe complications of diabetes require “abdominal wallplasty”, but it is a surgery with a relatively high risk of wounds and risks. Therefore, it is recommended that Aimei people assist in consulting the specialists of large hospitals.